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  • 2,2-Dimethylol Propionic Acid (DMPA)

    Product Introduction

    Dimethylol propionic acid -DMPA is a chemical compound that has the full IUPAC name of 2,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)propionic acid and is an organic compound with one carboxyl and two hydroxy groups.

    [1] It has the CAS Registry Number of 4767-03-7.


    • Regular: Standard grade Dimethylolpropionic Acid
    • Low Sodium: Ideal for applications requiring insulation (i.e. insulated films & coatings)
    • Fine: Smaller particle size for better quality of dispersions


    Dimethylol propionic acid -DMPA is an odorless free flowing white crystalline solid and essentially non-toxic. DMPA has two different functional groups hydroxyl and carboxylic acid so the molecule can be used for a wide variety of syntheses. In addition to reaction with other chemicals, DMPA can also react with itself to produce esters via esterification, as one example.

    Dimethylolpropionic acid is multi-purpose organic raw material. It is one kind of chain extenders which used in water-based polyurethanes. It can also obtain self-emulsifying properties for polyurethane. 



    • Tri-functional compound with 2 primary hydroxyl groups and 1 tertiary carboxyl group

    • Neopentyl structure 

    • Permits simplified processing by allowing the combining of all reactants in a single kettle charge

    • Free acid group actively promotes resin water solubility or water dispersibility after neutralization with a base 

    • Easily introduces a polar group to improve coating adhesion and synthetic fibre dye receptivity

    • Increases the alkali solubility of deposited films.


    Applications for Dimethylolpropionic Acid include:

    • Polyurethane dispersions
    • Water soluble alkyds and polyester resins
    • Powder coatings
    • Epoxy ester coatings
    • Printing inks
    • Lubricating oil additives



    • Adhesion          • Carboxylic Acid Functional      • Hardness/High Tg     

    • Hydrophilic      • Low Tg/Multi Functional          • Water Resistance

    • Water Dispersibility             • Hydroxyl Functional 


    CAS No.: 4767-03-7;  EINECS No.: 225-306-3;  Molecular formula: C5H10O4;  Molecular weight: 134.13

  • 2,2-Dimethylol Butanoic Acid (DMBA)

    Product Introduction

    With a tertiary carboxylic acid group and two reactive hydroxyl groups, 2,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)butanoic acid(CAS No.10097-02-6) is one single molecule that offers the functionalities of water-soluble polyurethane and polyester. Highly solubility in organic solvents. 10 times more soluble in acetone than dimethyl propanoic acid.

    Dimethylolbutyric acid is widely used in the manufacture of water-based polyurethane(wbpu), polyester, epoxy resin and other adhesives. It has better solubility than DMPA in different solvents and is regarded as a new generation of green environmental protection Chain extenders(chain extensions), And internal emulsifiers for the production of water-soluble polyurethane adhesives, without the use of organic solvents, zero organic residues, no high melting point, slow dissolution, long reaction time, high energy consumption and other problems.


    • Highly solubility in organic solvents.
    • 10 times more soluble in acetone than dimethyl propanoic acid.
    • Does not require N-Methyl Pyrrolidine as a co-solvent.
    • Does not have a coagulation problem.
    • Gives a clear solution after the reaction.

    • Tasteless, free flowing white crystals

    Some examples on the use of DMBA:

    • (water soluble) polyurethane dispersions
    • chemical building block
    • photo chemicals
    • printing inks
    • alkyds & polyesters


    CAS No.: 10097-02-6; EIMECS No.: 424-090-1; Molecular formula: C6H12O4; Molecular weight: 148.16

    Packing: 25kg / bag PE bag or paper drum. Shelf life is 2 years.

    Storage: Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place. 50cm away from the wall when stacked, with wooden boards or pallets

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